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Abaqus Training/Support
Richard McEntyre – CIRCOR ENERGY – Spartanburg, SC

“We used Abaqus/CAE to develop a next generation of products for the oil & gas industry. The original design intent of the project was to use Abaqus as a tool to speed up validation cycles of manufactured components. In the process of developing a representative simulation we reduced required testing dramatically. The model simulation that was developed allowed us to fully understand a complex interaction of multiple parts acting in a specific sequence. This knowledge allowed us to come up with products that perform better than any other competitor in the same marketplace. In fact, the design enhancements resulted in the introduction of a new product line that does not exist in any similar form in the industry.


Abaqus Training/Support
Daniel Wilson – PLH ADVANCED ENGINEERING – Salt Lake City, UT

“FEA SERVICES truly feels like a part of our team and we could not be happier with the cost and quality of service. Not only did FEA SERVICES approach us with a cost savings solution but did so in a timely manner with little to no changes on our end.”


Abaqus Training/Support
James Thomason – McMILLEN JACOBS ASSOCIATES – San Francisco, CA

“I just want to thank the quick action of FEA SERVICES regarding our issue yesterday. We had an internal situation that completely removed our license server from our system, and your team was excellent in responding quickly and getting us back up and running. It was amazing and speaks well of your company and the systems you have in place. We are a very happy customer and would refer you to anyone in need of your software services.”