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Live one-to-one interaction with the instructor is assured by the small class size.

The course is focused on using the software rather than going through many slides and bullet points of theory.

We guide you through working examples step by step. This hands-onapproach helps to make the material stick such that the students can begin to use the software with efficacy immediately.


Compared to traditional methods of providing Abaqus classes, which is still the method used by the big-box companies, we cut out unnecessary program options and focus on a robust workflow to efficiently get the job done.

Our costs are significantly lower than the other companies for two main reasons:

  1. Much smaller company overhead = lower cost for you
  2. We LOVE teaching this stuff!!!


As is always an issue, sometimes our project load simply demands that we cannot divert a full week or even a few days to a training course. Our weekend time slots can perhaps be much more easily justified versus the traditional, more expensive options which are only offered during week days.


All of our fully interactive online classes are instructor-led by an experienced Abaqus engineer. Students are encouraged to ask questions about the material at hand as well as topics pertaining to their application of interest. (i.e., pick our brains!)

By enrolling in one of the upcoming classes as listed below, you are guaranteed a spot in the class because we always provide the course, even when only one student registers.  Simply call us at 1-704-594-1113 to register.

Although there is no minimum student requirement, we do however limit the number of attendees to a reasonable maximum so that we ensure that each student has access to full interactive dialogue with the instructor though mutual screen sharing, etc.

Startup Nonlinear Structural Analysis with Abaqus
(ABNSA) – 2.0 Days

$690.00 USD / Person

This class is ideal for those students new to Abaqus and Abaqus/CAE and perhaps has had some experience in the past with other codes, or some level of education of the Finite Element Method. Another ideal student would be one who had used Abaqus in the past yet could use a refresher. That said, a student who is completely beginning to learn FEA will also be able to progress in the use of Abaqus with good efficacy. The emphasis of ABNSA is: nonlinear structural stress-displacement analysis, which still today will cover 70-80% of the analysis requirements in the field. A pre-requisite for the student is to have local access to the full version of Abaqus to effectively attend.

Student Nonlinear Structural Analysis with Abaqus
(ABSTU) – 1.0 Days

$345.00 USD / Person

This class is for students who are totally new to Abaqus and Abaqus/CAE yet do not have access to the full version of Abaqus quite yet. This class is very similar as ABNSA (see above) yet is taught whereby you can use the Student Version of Abaqus. We will still discuss nonlinear mechanics and setup interesting meshes on geometry, but due to the limited capability of the student version to run these models through the solver, we keep this class on a more basic level for the beginner.  The prerequisite for this course is basic knowledge of the Finite Element Method.

Intermediate Topic Fasteners
(ABFAS) – 1.0 Days

$345.00 USD / Person

Using fasteners in Abaqus and doing fastener analysis is a typical requirement for some industries. Stemming from the ground-level ABNSA course, we now walk you through a variety of robust workflows for how to best utilize Abaqus for these fastener related tasks, including methods for speeding up the process of setting up your fastener patterns.  Experience running Abaqus/CAE is a pre-requisite as is having local access to the Abaqus program.

Intermediate Topic Contact Simulation
(ABCON) – 1.0 Days

$345.00 USD / Person

One reason engineers choose to use Abaqus is due it’s best-in-class contact simulation capabilities. In this class, we take a deeper dive into the options of and pros-and-cons of the various methods in Abaqus to simulate contact, and share what we have found to be robust.  Knowledge of running Abaqus/CAE is a pre-requisite as is having local access to the Abaqus program.

Intermediate Topic Inelastic (Nonlinear) Buckling
(ABNLB) – 2.0 Days

$690.00 USD / Person

How do we manage the analysis/simulation of a buckling phenomenon? Why is this a nonlinear event? What are the limitations of the typical linear eigenvalue bucking analysis and how would it fit into our workflow? In this class, we discuss the evolution of the buckling process as is develops through one of your cross sectional members during the simulation of your loaded assembly. Solid experience running Abaqus/CAE is a pre-requisite as is having local access to the Abaqus program.