Product Design




Our two principal engineers, with over 70 years of collective engineering experience have been working on Abaqus FEA simulations since the 1990’s.  Gabe and Hank have collaborated together for 20+ years.  They have also developed their own individual styles and robust methods to solve simulation challenges.

They have worked on thermal/structural FEA projects spanning nearly every industry imaginable, thus have a vast amount of Abaqus based simulation experience including yet not limited to:

Nonlinear Structural and Thermal Analysis
–    Nonlinear Materials
–    Composite Materials
–    Multi-Body Simulation
–    Thermal-Structural Multiphysics

Structural Integrity
–    Fatigue Assessment
–    Fatigue Test Optimization
–    Fracture Analysis
–    Post-Failure Forensics

Design/Product Optimization
Dynamic Response
Impact/Crash or High Speed Simulation
Fluid-Structural Interaction


Owner / Principal Engineer

Gabriel F. (Gabe) Dambaugh holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and is a licensed professional engineer with over 35 years of overall engineering experience.  Most of his career – over 25 years – has been focused on nonlinear FEA processes (i.e., Abaqus) along with activities related to the study of material failure modes.

He became an expert Abaqus training instructor by developing Abaqus courses for Boeing engineers in Huntsville, AL and for several of his other Abaqus customers.  He continues to provide training classes over a wide variety of Abaqus topics.

His career started with manufacturing processes in the automotive industry before moving on to analysis with FEA methods, fatigue testing, and failure forensics of precision components.  This experience led to creating a US patent for rolling bearing durability optimization with FEA.  He has recently served over 10 years in the aerospace industry working with NASA and Boeing on nonlinear analysis for launch vehicle structures and processes for the ARES and SLS programs.

In addition to aerospace, his consulting clients come from a wide range of industries and applications including automotive, medical devices, semi-conductors, heat exchangers, fitness for service, firearms, and others.


Partner / Principal Engineer

Dr. Hu (Hank) is a highly accomplished engineer with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering earned in 1999 from Texas Tech University. His professional journey began as a primary CAE engineer at Daimler-Chrysler and Johnson Controls, focusing on crashworthiness and vehicle dynamics. Transitioning to BAE Systems, he excelled as a senior principal engineer, contributing significantly to new product design and development across various simulation technologies for ground defense and naval weapon systems.

Hank’s expertise expanded further in defense and aerospace through roles at Honeywell Aerospace and Raytheon Technologies. His contributions encompassed design optimization, fatigue life prediction, fracture damage assessment, dynamic response, and testing. With a wealth of engineering experience, Hank played a crucial role in advancing technologies for these industries.

In addition to his corporate roles, Hank has been a valuable asset to Westinghouse Electric Company. He provided engineering consultation, services, and training, particularly in areas such as design adequacy, reliability, reactor and steam turbo-machinery, and seismic response. Hank’s multidimensional experience showcases his profound impact on the fields of mechanical engineering and defense technology.